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I am a very expierenced stylist having worked as a hairdresser for 15 years, and I am still completley passionate about the beauty and creativity of my trade,Treats4Hair is my company name, I am Cindy and everything you see on my website is my work.


After years in the salon working as a top stylist for a leading UK branded salon, I felt I was completley confident in all my training to follow my career long dream of freelance hairdressing.

Now I get to ready a bride-to-be for her big day and be able to shedule all my time to her, I absolutely love stying a Bride and her bridal party on her big day, it is such a wonderful experience to see a Bride as she and her bridal party are just finished and ready to start the wedding celebrations looking just as they had imagined.

I also get to work as a mobile hairdresser and visit my clients in the comfort of their own home saving them precious time while still creating on trend styling and leave them feeling pampered.

Most exciting I get to work with an incredibly creative team that I am apart of called Braid&Bloom which is bespoke floral hairstyling and styled photography sessions, I specialise in floral placement in hair, which is fast becoming my new favorite way to finish a hairup. Our packages could be suited to anything from hen parties to have a memorable day dressing up and creating beautiful posed pictures together while feeling like models, to a mom and daughter with floral crowns in a fashionably styled photo session, we even have a horse that can be arranged that looks just like a unicorn! imagine that in a family portrait. 

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